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Fri, 26th Sep. 2014, 22:05
frodo_sam_mod: ART: Confidante (PG)

Title: Confidante
Artist: hildigard_brown
Summary: 'While Frodo is healing and hoping/waiting for Sam to come, he develops an unexpected friendship with Galadriel, who is also awaiting the arriving of her beloved from Middle-earth.'
Rating: PG
Medium: photoshop/photo manipulation

ConfidanteCollapse )

Thu, 25th Sep. 2014, 22:46
frodo_sam_mod: FIC: You Can Never Go Home (PG)

Title: You Can Never Go Home
Author: lordhellebore
Summary: As Gollum watches Frodo and Sam sleep on the stairs of Cirith Ungol, he imagines for a moment how things could be different.
Rating: PG
Word count: ~ 1,440
Beta: writcraft
Author's Notes: Gollum was quite a challenge to write, but I knew almost from the beginning of the fest that I wanted his perspective on Frodo and Sam, and this scene is one of my favourite parts of the books.

You Can Never Go HomeCollapse )

Wed, 24th Sep. 2014, 22:42
frodo_sam_mod: FIC: Harvest (NC-17)

Title: Harvest
Author: aliensouldream
Summary: Seasons change
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3000
Warnings: None
Beta: gabi_fics
Author's Notes: Written for prompt #4 by vaysh.

HarvestCollapse )

Tue, 23rd Sep. 2014, 22:05
frodo_sam_mod: FIC and ART: By the Fireside (PG-13)

Title: By the Fireside
Author and Artist: writcraft
Summary: Sam and Frodo rest for the evening.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1,650
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: It has been such a treat to be part of this fest and to try my hand at LoTR fan fiction. Thanks so much to A for the speedy beta on short notice.

By the FiresideCollapse )

Tue, 23rd Sep. 2014, 13:49
vaysh: Please spread the news so that hobbit stories survive, too: The HASA Rescue Project

If you know anyone who wants their hobbit stories, which are now stored at HASA, re-archived someplace else, please pass on to them this information.

Reposted (slightly shortened) from ysilme:

The HASA Rescue ProjectCollapse )

Mon, 22nd Sep. 2014, 23:25
frodo_sam_mod: FIC: Home Fires Burning (R)

Title: Home Fires Burning
Author: lbilover
Summary: In the spring of 1421, Frodo asks a favour of Sam and is surprised by his response.
Rating: R
Word Count: 3813
Warnings: If you're a canon purist, this may not be for you. If you're okay with a scenario where Sam doesn't marry Rosie and there's a chance for him and Frodo, then read on. :-)
Author's Notes: For Vaysh, who requested: [Prompt #18]Time Period: quest or post-quest.
Location: Mordor, Minas Tirith, the Shire, can be all of them
LotR is a book without any obvious eroticism. But at the strangest moment, when Sam finds Frodo wounded in the Tower of Cirith Ungol, we read this description of Frodo, notedly through Sam's eyes: He stood up, and it looked to Sam as if he was clothed in flame: his naked skin was scarlet in the light of the lamp above. One can read this sentence in many ways, but the choice of words - "clothed in flame", "naked skin", "scarlet" – is suggestive of the erotic. To me it's one of the central moments in LotR that speaks to the sexual connection between Frodo and Sam. I would love to read a story, or see art (!), which explores this quote and this vision, as the quest continues or (probably more likely) after the Ring is destroyed. Three word prompts for inspiration: death, sparks, the colour of Sam's hair

Dear Vaysh, I hope this is at least a little close to what you wanted.

Home Fires BurningCollapse )

Mon, 22nd Sep. 2014, 23:23
frodo_sam_mod: ART: Clothed in Flame (PG-13)

Happy Birthday, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins!

Title: Clothed in Flame
Artist: hildigard_brown
Summary: 'He stood up, and it looked to Sam as if he was clothed in flame: his naked skin was scarlet in the light of the lamp above.'
Rating: PG-13
Medium: photoshop/photo manipulation
Warnings: Marginally not SFW.

Clothed in FlameCollapse )

Sun, 21st Sep. 2014, 15:19
frodo_sam_mod: The Frodo/Sam Fest Starts Tomorrow!

The frodo_sam Fest starts
tomorrow!! \o/

Frodo/Sam Banner 2014
Art by dustmouth

Sun, 14th Sep. 2014, 15:37
frodo_sam_mod: Submissions are due today!

Submissions for the frodo_sam Fest are due today. :)

We have already received two gorgeous pieces of art. :)
If you need a short extension, please email us at samfrodo.mods@gmail.com.

We are looking forward so much to the fest ♥ -
caraloup and vaysh

Sat, 6th Sep. 2014, 10:08
frodo_sam_mod: Frodo/Sam Fest: Modly Reminder

Participants of the frodo_sam Fest:

Your submissions are due on Sunday, 14 September
That's in a little more than a week. :)

If you realise you cannot make the deadline, if you need a bit more time, if you need to drop out of the fest (*sniff*) or if there is this prompt or own story idea that you really would still love to write for the fest, PLEASE EMAIL THE MODS at samfrodo.mods@gmail.com.

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