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Frodo/Sam Fest: Anon Masterlist

Anon Masterlist of the frodo_sam Fest
The Reveal will be posted next Friday, October 3.

Clothed in Flame (PG-13 | art)
Summary: 'He stood up, and it looked to Sam as if he was clothed in flame: his naked skin was scarlet in the light of the lamp above.'

Home Fires Burning (R | 3800 words)
Summary: In the spring of 1421, Frodo asks a favour of Sam and is surprised by his response.

By the Fireside (PG-13 | 1650 words + art)
Summary: Sam and Frodo rest for the evening.

Harvest (PG | 3127 words)
Summary: Seasons change.

You Can Never Go Home (PG | 1439 words)
Summary: As Gollum watches Frodo and Sam sleep on the stairs of Cirith Ungol, he imagines for a moment how things could be different.

Tête-à-tête (PG | art)
Summary: On Tol Eressëa, Frodo and Galadriel share memories of days past and their hopes for the future...

Tête-à-tête (G | 225 words)
Summary: Companion drabble to "Tête-à-tête".

Confidante (PG | art)
Summary: While Frodo is healing and hoping/waiting for Sam to come, he develops an unexpected friendship with Galadriel, who is also awaiting the arriving of her beloved from Middle-earth.

Of the Watchers (PG | 3137 words)
Summary: Secrets unfold at the heart of Lothlórien.

Entwined (PG | art)
Summary: A Sam/Frodo montage

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