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Tue, 27th Jan. 2015, 02:56
vaysh: PSA: Henneth Annûn Story Archive is moving to AO3

Important News for all Frodo/Sam fanfic writers who have their stories hosted on HASA:

HASA, the Henneth Annûn Story Archive, is closing down. The Archive is moved to AO3.

More Information, especially for people who have hosted their Tolkien fanfic on HASA, can be found here: OTW: The Henneth Annûn Story Archive is Coming to the AO3

Sat, 20th Dec. 2014, 16:12
frodo_sam_mod: The Twelve Days of Yule Celebration!

There is still time to join the
Twelve Days of Yule Celebration
at out sister community [community profile] tol_eressea.

Banner by hildigard_brown.

The celebration will run from December 25 through January 5 – the official twelve days of Christmas.
It is for Frodo/Sam and Sean/Elijah. Pick a number and on the corresponding day, post something Yule-related with Frodo/Sam and/or Sean/Elijah as the main pairing to the community. The post can be anything you like: recs, manips, icons, wallpapers, doll photos, reposts of your own fanworks, original fanworks, etc. You can even repost something "old" on your day. ♥

Sign-ups close Sunday night!

Wed, 5th Nov. 2014, 21:18
frodo_sam_mod: The Lord of the Rings Secret Santa Exchange: Sign-ups are Open

Sign-ups are open for lotr_sesa

SeSa buttonSeSa buttonSeSa button

lotr_sesa is a Lord of the Ring Holiday Gift Exchange
open to all the Peoples and Ages of Middle-earth.

Submission deadline: December 15.
All gifts are made public on Christmas Eve, December 24.
Length requirement: 500 words required, 1000 words minimum preferred. For fanart at least a couple of hours of work on the creation are expected.
Rules and Sign-ups.

Fri, 3rd Oct. 2014, 23:59
frodo_sam_mod: Masterlist of the Frodo/Sam Fest <3

Thank you, everybody who participated in the first frodo_sam Fest. It's been such a wonderful week. We are looking forward very much to modding the fest again next year -
caraloup and vaysh

And here it is - the

Masterlist of the
2014 frodo_sam Fest

hildigard_brown, Clothed in Flame (PG-13 | art)

lbilover, Home Fires Burning (R | 3800 words)

writcraft, By the Fireside (PG-13 | 1650 words + art)

aliensouldream, Harvest (PG | 3127 words)

lordhellebore, You Can Never Go Home (PG | 1439 words)

hildigard_brown, Tête-à-tête (PG | art)

vaysh, Tête-à-tête (G | 225 words)

hildigard_brown, Confidante (PG | art)

caraloup, Of the Watchers (PG | 3137 words)

writcraft, Entwined (PG | art)

Authors' and artists' name have been added.

Sun, 28th Sep. 2014, 22:10
frodo_sam_mod: Frodo/Sam Fest: Anon Masterlist

Anon Masterlist of the frodo_sam Fest
The Reveal will be posted next Friday, October 3.

Clothed in Flame (PG-13 | art)
Summary: 'He stood up, and it looked to Sam as if he was clothed in flame: his naked skin was scarlet in the light of the lamp above.'

Home Fires Burning (R | 3800 words)
Summary: In the spring of 1421, Frodo asks a favour of Sam and is surprised by his response.

By the Fireside (PG-13 | 1650 words + art)
Summary: Sam and Frodo rest for the evening.

Harvest (PG | 3127 words)
Summary: Seasons change.

You Can Never Go Home (PG | 1439 words)
Summary: As Gollum watches Frodo and Sam sleep on the stairs of Cirith Ungol, he imagines for a moment how things could be different.

Tête-à-tête (PG | art)
Summary: On Tol Eressëa, Frodo and Galadriel share memories of days past and their hopes for the future...

Tête-à-tête (G | 225 words)
Summary: Companion drabble to "Tête-à-tête".

Confidante (PG | art)
Summary: While Frodo is healing and hoping/waiting for Sam to come, he develops an unexpected friendship with Galadriel, who is also awaiting the arriving of her beloved from Middle-earth.

Of the Watchers (PG | 3137 words)
Summary: Secrets unfold at the heart of Lothlórien.

Entwined (PG | art)
Summary: A Sam/Frodo montage

Sun, 28th Sep. 2014, 22:04
frodo_sam_mod: ART: Entwined (G)

With this art, the frodo_sam fest concludes. Thank you, everybody, for celebrating with us a week of Frodo/Sam. ♥

Title: Entwined
Artist: writcraft
Summary: A Sam/Frodo montage
Rating: G
Medium: GIMP 2.0, sketching, Wacom Tablet, Digital Art
Warnings: None
Artist's Notes: Thank you so much to the lovely mods for hosting this fest.

EntwinedCollapse )

Fri, 26th Sep. 2014, 22:13
frodo_sam_mod: FIC: Of the Watchers (PG)

Title: Of the Watchers
Author: caraloup
Summary: Secrets unfold at the heart of Lothlórien.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3.137
Warnings: none
Author’s Notes: For vaysh, whose prompt made it all happen. Thank you! :)

Of the WatchersCollapse )

Fri, 26th Sep. 2014, 22:11
frodo_sam_mod: FIC: Tête-à-tête (G)

Title: Tête-à-tête
Author: vaysh
Rating: G
Word Count: 225
Author's Notes: This is a companion piece for the beautiful moment between Galadriel and Frodo on Tol Eressëa that mysterious artist created.

Tête-à-têteCollapse )

Fri, 26th Sep. 2014, 22:07
frodo_sam_mod: ART: Tête-à-tête (PG)

Title: Tête-à-tête
Artist: hildigard_brown
Summary: 'On Tol Eressëa, Frodo and Galadriel share memories of days past and their hopes for the future...'
Rating: PG
Medium: photoshop/photo manipulation

Tête-à-têteCollapse )

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